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Engage your community with easy to understand, done-for-you, info sheets on sustainability topics

Do you have an existing rebate program or initiative to do with sustainable living?

Does your community still have questions about taking on a new sustainable behaviour?

Are you looking for something to accompany information on your website or hand out at your next event? 


A range of downloadable resources which can be customised with your organisations logo to use on your website or printed once purchased are available below. 

Educational resources can add value to an existing program or initiative, helping community members better understand sustainability actions. 


These fact sheets/info sheets contain information on specific topics to further help your community make more sustainable changes.  

cloth nappies info sheet

Info Sheet: Getting to know modern cloth nappies

This info sheet will explain what parents need to know and look for when deciding to purchase reusable modern cloth nappies for their children.  The information introduces the types and styles of modern cloth nappies which can be applied to brands on the Australian online market. 

Info Sheet: An introduction to reusable sanitary items

There are a variety of reusable sanitary items on the market to replace conventional, disposable pads and tampons.   This info sheet covers reusable cloth pads, period underwear and period cups and details how to use and wash these items at home.

Info Sheets coming soon:

Composting at home

How to wash reusable nappies

Find out more

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