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The Sustainability Series on Substack

Welcome to The Sustainability Series, a blog series which explores high level waste, sustainability and environmental topics and breaks them down to help you make sustainable choices and changes.

Focusing on waste, recycling and the circular economy, each Sustainability Series will take you on an informative path of understanding from the big picture down to the household level.

In Australia, we generate 76 million tonnes of waste every year1, some from our kerbside bins to and most from industry waste. This amount is growing year on year. When waste ends up in landfill, it produces methane, a potent greenhouse gas.

Our recovery and recycling rate for the 2020-21 year sat around 60% of products and with waste export bans now fully in place, the reality of dealing with our recyclables is coming to the forefront. Without a strong call for materials made from recycled feedstock, the fates of these items will likely be stockpiled or disposed of in other ways.


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