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Reusable nappy workshops

Modern cloth nappies presents a waste avoidance solution to alleviate single use disposable baby nappies from kerbside bins and litter. With the addition of a third or fourth kerbside bin and the waste bin reduced to a fortnightly collection, Local Councils have reported issues with disposable nappy contamination into other bins. 


Workshops are delivered either online or face to face and are aimed at parents providing the knowledge, awareness and information needed to start and use cloth nappies for children. Not only is waste avoided, parents will save a significant amount of money when using reusables.


"I attended Emma's Cloth Nappy workshop and she was very genuine and real. Her suggestions in overcoming any problems people might have were sensitive to their situations. It was very informative and made the switch to using cloth nappies appealing and simple"


Sarah T, workshop participant

Feedback from Local Councils

With landfills reaching full capacity the importance on educating our community on ways to reduce their waste going to landfill is a must. Nappies are a major component of landfill waste with nearly 14% of household waste being disposable nappies.


When it comes to cloth nappies there are a lot of unknowns. That is where Emma comes in. She has done all the hard work for us. With so many brands and styles out there, Emma can recommend products and explains why, with various brightly coloured samples on hand. She will take you through common issues and the much dreaded laundering process, answering any questions you may have on the way. A very engaging and informative workshop that all new and existing parents can benefit from.

Bethan McKay, Victorian local council

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